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Friday July 19th 2024

Advertise With Us

Our Sponsors:

Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism exists to share the hope and encouragement of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is done without cost or obligation for the people who make use of our Christian content based websites. Would you allow us both the privledge and responsibility of continuing this effort by placing an advertisement?

Why Advertise With Us?

  • Promote your Website
  • Increase the exposure of your Blog to a Christian audience
  • Market your Online Store

About Our Advertising Styles

  • Tenure Based Advertising

    • Length of display on our series of websites
    • Benefit: Displaying for a certain time frame - Not limited by # of Impressions or Click Through frequency of your advertising
  • Impressions Based Addvertising

    • # of times advertisement is displayed on our series of websites
    • Our Advertise With Us software attempts to identify and disquality invalid Impressions
    • Benefit: Guaranteed # of impressions - Works well when running several advertising campaigns simultaneously
  • Click Through Based Advertising

    • Cost charged per click through onto your website from your promotional advertisement
    • Our Advertise With Us software attempts to identify and disquality invalid Click Throughs
    • Benefit: Your advertisement will generate a guaranteed # of leads to your website

Unsure which advertising style to use? Consider the "Tenure > 1 Week" Plan. Use the statistics generated to decide upon further advertising.

Our Introductory Rates

Advertisement Create - Under Developmoent